Asia Freerunning parkour Union AFPU Missions:

  • Development of Freerunning & Parkour in every corner of Asia.
  • Training coaches, certified trainers and referees for Freerunning & Parkour in all over Asia continent under supervision of AFPU.
  • Academic Training of Freerunning & Parkour in every corner of Asia.
  • Organizing International championships for Freerunning and Parkour in Asia continent every year.
  • Promoting Freerunning and Parkour to be one of the main Sports majors and activities in all the Universities/Schools/Kindergartens
  • Organizing Freerunning and Parkour Championships for all the Schools/High Schools/Universities.
  • Formation of elected and professional Freerunning & Parkour teams for Asia to participate In the International Tournaments and championships.
  • Designing and construction of standard and special Freerunning & Parkour Gyms in all the cities and countries of Asia continent.
  • Cooperation with government bodies of different countries for organization of various events.
  • Cooperation with cinema directors to introduce the best Freerunners and Traceurs to the world of cinema and movie production.
  • Establishment of Freerunning & Parkour Federation in all the countries in Asia.
  • Being one of the candidate Sports to be added in the Olympic sports majors.