Iptc-logo-white-1024International Professional Training Certification

IPTC is an Education system that is following university methods to train people in which You learn your favorite major under supervision of International and Professional experienced coaches, trainers, masters, professors, doctors and etc. IPTC is a new method of training in which all the participants are trained academically and professionally under direct supervision of the ambassadors and professors of their major globally followed by an official exam and receiving valid certification at the end of each successful course which is signed by the course master and respective federations’ officials. IPTC is also organizing seminars which includes theoretical and practical classes for all the majors in all over the world for all the age groups.


How to become a certified coachIptc Certificates

Asia Freerunning Parkour Union AFPU provides valid Certification for all the Coaches who are 14 years old or above and are officially recognized by AFPU with the aim of developing young coaches. All the certifications will be issued by the International Professional Training Certification IPTC and will be in authority for all the Certification issuance under supervision of WFPF and AFPU and Information of the certificate holders will be sent to the IPTC and it will issue all the certifications for the recognized coaches of AFPU.